3rd day of convention

Today I had an instructor training. I got licensed to teach Zumba kids.  This was a full day training from 9-5. When I signed up for the class it said that it was thought by Lindsey Taylor.  Luckily for me it was also thought by Herman Melo.  He is a beautiful dancer. That’s why I took pro skills instructor training from him last year at the convention. He’s originally Venezuelan but he lives in France.it was a really good training.  What is always the case is that being a good dancer does t mean you’re a good teacher as well. Both Lindsey and Herman are good at both!

I just went for lunch in between with my partner in Food! Have to eat.  We went to Carabba’s. Of course.  It’s so nice to eat there.  We sit outside. There are fans so it’s not to warm. And the food is always good and the price reasonably. We split a calamari as an appetizer.  Then I had a Caesar salad,love their salad! And a panini with steak and mushrooms. The steak was great.  It was just as I liked it. Not well done.  And very tender.

Zumba original
Something I always wanted to do is have a session with other Zumba instructors sharing our own choreography. So not the ones that we get from Zumba.  At so e point we were with four instructors in the room and we did that. We took turns.  Each of us did a song we choreographed ourselves.  It was the best class I had! It was so much fun.  We laughed, danced, and we were inspired. What more can you ask for?

Theme party
There is always a theme party. People really dress up for that.  I don’t like wearing costumes. And I usually go but feel bored.  So I didn’t even other this year. Just installed myself with the iPad on bed since 7 pm. That is after I took a long dip in the jacuzzi. I was so relaxed. I had a great evening!

Who’s reading the blog?
I know my devoted husband reads my blog. He’s the one leaving comments! Yep that’s him. Seen the name he uses? LOL but if you read it too, please leave a comment!

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