Manhattan day 2 The last day

Last day After a quick breakfast we went to Statue of Liberty. It was fun to go with the girls. But this too felt like a scam. When Shannon and I were here we paid just a few dollars. Definitely no more than 5 per person. But now they charge 30$ a person. But since […]


First day with the girls. Convention 2014 reunited! Thanks to Patricia we’re staying at a great hotel. Affinia Manhattan NYC. Shopping all day. Diner at Red Lobster. What more can I wish for?


Day 7 Got up, got dressed, Wayne dropped me off at the airport. Made it in time for my flight. The plane arrived at La Guardia at 12.47 and by 1.06 I was already in a shuttle bus on my way to port authority. From there I’ll take the bus to Newark to my next […]

Day 6. Disembarking disaster

Disembarking the ship was a disaster. It usually is an organized process. They ll call out numbers, because they divide the passengers I groups and then you walk off. Apparently immigration on Fort Lauderdale likes to slow things down and bully passengers around. If you’re ever going on a cruise make sure you don’t take […]

Day 5

Day 5 was the last full cruise day. The last day to dance like crazy. No docking. Just classes. I liked those days best. I had preselected classes that started a 11 am, but once. I was on board I started taking classes earlier. So today was also an 8 am first class day. My […]

Day 4

The cruise is awesome. there are some minor points though. It’s as if you re being charged for everything. The cruise was more expensive than other cruises I have been on. A cruise is supposed to be an all inclusive experience. This cruise wasn’t . Everything you bought or paid on the cruise was charged […]

January 25 I got up really early hoping to be able to board early. I hate standing in line, but if I have to I always make sure I’m first in line. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. We had to go to the airport first. The upside was that we got to meet a lot […]

Day 4 part two

We went to Miami after sawgrass mills for the masterclass of Beto Perez, the creator of Zumba. It was great. People cheering and screaming during the class. The class was really nice. It didn’t feel like a 2 hour class. The best part is that shortly after the class started Betsy Dopico came to dance […]