Day 4 part two

We went to Miami after sawgrass mills for the masterclass of Beto Perez, the creator of Zumba. It was great. People cheering and screaming during the class. The class was really nice. It didn’t feel like a 2 hour class.

The best part is that shortly after the class started Betsy Dopico came to dance next to me. We talked! Tried to make picture but it was too dark. But we had a great time together.  She was so nice. That was a treat!

my clothes were soaking wet after the class. But there was little time to go othe meet and greet party in the other part of town.  So we went. I was sooooooooo cold! It was almost freezing, I was sweaty. We arrived at the party on time.

The ladies who organized it are very active on FB. I had posted that I will leave all my dresses and shoes on the boat, and caused a stir over there. So when I introduced myself referring to that post everyone knew who I am! Hahahaha

Diny also came to the meet and greet but didn’t think I was her crowd, so I ended up leaving with her to go to diner at the Cheesecake Factory.  I only had a small dish. 4 mini soft shell tacos. With grilled steak, beef, sour cream, avocado. Very good.

It was packing time to get ready for the cruise.  My suitcases are super heavy but everything is inside.  The most important!

In case you want to see me board…..I was told by Diny that if you check the webcam of port Everglades you might see us depart. We will depart at 7 pm…which is 1 am Dutch time zone.   But I’ll wave constantly just in case!????

Hopefully I will be able to post all my blogs in Labadee, but I heard something about riots and Royal Carribean not stopping there.  We’ll see.  Whatever happens I will have a great time! And I hope you will too!

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