Another great day in Kuala Lumpur

The second day I started off with breakfast at my favorite store in the world. Hui Lau Shan. They have the greatest fruit juice and jelly combinations. I prefer the one with mango, coconut and here they serve it with pandas jelly. In hongkong they serve it with aloe Vera jelly and in China they serve it with yet another jelly. This is the first time I have noticed their stores in Malaysia. They’re clearly branching out and I’m so happy about that. They seem to be present at every big mall in Malaysia. We were there by 9.30 am.

We did some serious walking in shopping malls. We hardly bought a thing Afterwards we went to China town. Prices there are ridiculously high. A pair of Abercrombie sweat pants were about 40 €. Even more expensive than the real ones I bought in the U.S. Needless to say we didn’t buy anything there either. But we did have a great lunch there. It was at a location that probably hardly serves tourists. Just locals. The food was very cheap. Burt had roasted chicken with rice and I had soup for 1€. I had some kind of soup that I saw another couple have. It looked so good that I ordered it without knowing it or knowing what it would taste like. It tasted even better than it looked! It turned out to be a beef broth. With beef vegetables and mee. We kept walking, window shopping and had some diner again in Jalan Alor.

Malaysia seems to have a reading culture. There are a lot of bookstores compared to the Netherlands and most of the. Are very well assorted. They sell a lot of educational books. I bought a whole stack of books. We didn’t return to the hotel until 10.30 pm. Which was 23 km of walking since we left the hotel!

The following day we needed to leave Kuala Lumpur to go to the Cameron highlands. It was a 4 hour drive but it took 5 hours for us to get there. The highways are one of the best if not the best I’ve ever seen. Most highways are built for the future. 4-5 lanes. One of the most interesting thinks are the resting places. Probably because the scooter is an important means of transport there are a lot of them. Some resting places also provide gas. But a lot of them are just resting places. With of course beautiful trees and a lot of restorans. How they call restaurants here.

Hardly any fast food. Most of the food is homemade. It’s freshly made. Like krupuk that was fried that morning and was so crunchy and tasty like I just made it myself. Burt had bought it and they were huge. The size of a frying pan and we savored every bite. Selling food is more important than selling gas. When you enter a resting place you encounter all of the restaurants first and then when you’re about to exit you can also get gas. Food definitely plays an important role. I have not seen a country with more restaurants than Malaysia. Sometimes half of the locations in a mall is filled by restaurants.

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