We did spent too much time making arrangements for hotels. Burt didn’t mind spending time on this every night. Since we rented a car we could go anywhere we wanted. I had set my heart on going to a resort even if it was just for one day to relax and be pampered. So we left the mountains and went to Putrjaya. To be more specific Cyberjaya. Another road trip along the beautiful highways of Malaysia. It’s like driving right through the jungle with thousands of Palm trees on both sides waving in the wind.
Cyberjaya is like the Silicon Valley of Malaysia. I saw a lot of big IT companies there like DELL. The resort was even more beautiful than I expected. There were chalets spread over their ……… Each of them were situated in a way that provided guests with a great scenic view. They must put in a lot of work to keep the gardens that beautiful.

Of course they had a spa. The interior and the exterior was breathtaking. On the inside the walls were covered with slices of brown stones…..or tiny tiles…..but everything had a natural feel and look to it. Also a lush garden and even a small swimming pool and luxurious seats. Inside they had the biggest jacuzzi I have ever seen. It was almost as big as a swimming pool. And of course a wet and a dry sauna. We both enjoyed a visit to the spa that first night.

The next day we started with another buffet breakfast. Yummie yummie. They served quite some kuih. Malaysian deserts. Mainly made with coconut. Like kue lapis. But then much better.

After that we went to the swimming pool. It was huge but the best part was that no one used it. And even if it were used there was a very very limited amounts of chairs. As if they wanted to offer people privacy. They created little terraces for the chairs with no more than 6 seats and sometimes just two seats.

The water was cold but the sun was equally as hot. And the waterfall was a sensation. The power of the water on my head and shoulders made me instantly relax. After hours of pure enjoyment at the pool we went to visit a huge mosque. Putrjaya was build to locate the federal government but clearly also as a poster city. It was build around a huge lake, which also provides scenic views. With beautiful bridges. The mosque was equally as beautiful. To ensure that all people were properly dressed I was provided with a dress that would not only cover my body but my hair too. It was a funny sight to see so many people dressed in a dark red robe.

After the mosque we went to secret recipe. It’s a chain of coffee shops that we frequently visit when in Malaysia to share a slice of cake. We had a piece of carrot cake as usual. And it was great as usual. Just check the picture….

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