Day 1 Toronto

Day 1

I had an early flight and since it’s only a 7 hour flight the plain arrived at 11.30 am in Toronto. Everything went smooth……until the airport express dropped me off in downtown Toronto. It was supposed to be only a 10 minute walk and I of course didn’t want to spend any money on something trivial like a taxi for a 10 minute walk. Canada is very much like the USA. People don’t only speak the same language but they also. Speak it in the same manner. At least downtown Toronto looks like an average American downtown city. Even the roads are the same quality. I had a 50 pound suitcase and a trolley. To make things easier I had put the trolley on top of the spinner suitcase. My plan was to push that during the 10 minute walk. Miscalculation! The sidewalk is just like the American sidewalks. Consists of concrete tiles. The problem is that they don’t connect well. There is space in between them, where the wheels of my suitcase got stuck! So can you imagine me pushing, wheels getting stuck almost every 3 meters…it clearly was a pitiful sight. 2 young ladies came up to me to ask whether they could help me out! So sweet! But I had no idea how far it was and didn’t want to bother them even though I loved the fact that they came up to me.

Crossing the street was a bigger nightmare since I had to cross over the tracks of the tram! That too caused a man to come up to me and ask if I needed help. But at 2 pm I finally arrived in the room.

I went shopping right away. Struck my first bargain at ZARA. Yeah I know it’s a European company and there are two In Utrecht. But they don’t carry the same styles and definitely not the same prices. I walked around town and at 6 pm I was wiped. Was 12am my timezone……so I went for diner. Had always wanted to give Red Lobster a try and so I did. I had lobster tail, shrimps and scallops with pasta. Was really nice! The best thing about today is not my visit to Canada though. It’s the fact that I’m writing this blog on my new website. It’s not completely done yet. But doesn’t it look promising? I’ll fall asleep with a smile on my face and excited for tomorrow!


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