Day 2 and 3

Jet lag
Unfortunately my body hasn’t adjusted to the different timezone.
It’s 4 am now and I can’t sleep. An opportunity to write about a few topics that I forgot to write about earlier since I write the blog in the evening when I get back to the hotel. Which means that I write it at 2-4 am according to my body’s timezone!

Firstly Toronto. I now know that I have been here before when I was 9 years old! Ages ago. Don’t remember anything about the city just remember visiting a Surinamese a family that lived/lives(?) in Toronto.
It’s not a beautiful city. The people also seem to be poor. As if there are some rich people but quite some people that have a hard time to make ends meet. It’s either that or they just dress really bad and don’t like showers here!

Won’t come back to this hotel!
I have also seen people dealing on the street. Just one block away from the heart of Toronto’s downtown city center. My hotel is actually 3 blocks away from the city center. But if I’m correct I see women picking up men and the hotel rents rooms by the hour! At least judging by the sounds of moaning women and squeaking beds! I’m happy I’ll be leaving this hotel today.

It’s also a very multicultural city. Lots of Asians and Africans. But also Indians. This Is also reflected In not only the number of restaurants but of course also in the variety of restaurants. It’s a. Ice sight on the street. Can’t figure out what kind of people I see most. But that’s not important. It’s no wonder Canada is a leading example in the world on diversity and law regarding diversity.

You have probably seen the picture of me and Ricardo in yesterday’s blog. He’s from Mauritius and living here. A succesful immigration ‘story’.  And I’m happy for him that he found happinez in this country.
He told us, the participants of the instructor training, that people comment on him. They ask him why he always smiles. This is remarkable for him because till not so long ago he thought all people were bad.
He and his little brother became orphans and homeless, when he was only 8 years old. He didn’t say too much about what he went through but if you fill in the blanks he and his brother must have been through an extremely hard time. One example he gave is is that he has a mark on his forehead. This was caused by people extinguishing their cigarette on his forehead. It makes me wonder what kind of human being does that to little children. To see him teach a class with so much humor and great dancing is inspiring to me.

One of my goals for this trip is to finish reading 6 books. Actually most of them I will be listening to on audible.  Up till now I have read one book. Will start with my second one today. I’m not sure whether I’ll finish it today but I have about 7 hours of solid listening time today. So I should get really far!

Throwing away cloths as much as possible!
Another goal is to throw away as much clothes as possible. I mainly brought clothes that I won’t
be taking back with me. For one I’ll be staying at 6 different hotels. This means I will be unable to wash clothes and have them dry at the same hotel. So I brought clothes that I will wear one last time here and throw away when their dirty. Up till now I’ve thrown away 5 items! I need to keep it up other wise I won’t have room for all the things I undoubtedly will buy. My suitcase was 50 pounds when I came. Also because I brought 18 sets of clothes and snacks for during the convention. I will probably end up eating the snacks prior to the convention to create room in my suitcase and to make my suitcase lose weight! It will already be a challenge to fit everything into the suitcase and trolley now! And I haven’t even started the serious shopping spree yet!

It’s almost 6 am now.  Going to try and get some sleep.

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