day 4

Our last full day in Shenzhen! I LOVE Shenzhen. Its my favorite city….in the world!!! Shopping is really great and food is even better!!! All prices are great! The hotel, transport.

So we did some more shopping. Not too much because I spent some time shopping for other people and posting their stuff.
It was nice to do and it made me feel good to make them happy.Even though it took me way more time to do so! Buy the stuff, go to the post office, stand in line 3 times!!!! Have people assist me in filling out the forms. But everything worked out fine!

I even got some great deals for myself later! So shopping was definitely a high. The part afterwards not so much…….since both Shannon and I forgot our meetingspot! We had both forgotten where to meet Burt! So we went back to the hotel and he waited for us for hours in town and we were getting worried in the hotel.

But this too ended good! Everything worked out fine! He finally came back to the hotel! And we were relieved that everything was okay and he was relieved that we were okay. Trick your mind can pull on you in a situation like that!!!!

So we went for diner..we had a lot of eggplant!!! And bittermelon and beans! But also roasted duck, pork, crunchy pork and ho fun! Everything was really delicious!

After that it was packing time!!! Tomorrow it’s time to do my farewell round around town and say goodbye…….untill we meet again!!!!

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