Day 4

This husband comes with perks!
He’s a keeper. And not just for the perks.  Not only do I get to cut lines because he flies that often with klm but he also scores a lot of points with the hilton hotel where he stays frequently in London! So while in New York I’ll be staying at the hilton! I will pay only 200 usd for 5 nights! Isn’t that awesome. The only downside is I have to stay at a different hotel every night. But I’ll survive that. No problem.

Millennium hilton hotel
That’s where I spend my first night. The view is awesome. I looking right at the 9/11 area. The hotel is located next to Century21! Dangeroussssss I usually don’t go there because I think TJMaxx is cheaper. But the concierge insists that I go since they have a huge sale now. We’ll see whether he’s right in 50 minutes!

Today is going to be a shopping day! I’ll be going to Newark. The jersey gardens outletmall. You don’t be tax in Newark! And the Mall is really cheap.


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