Day 5

fotoToday was the first day that I wasn’t jet lagged… So a great day. Weather was great and I spend the whole day shopping and walking from 7 am on till 9 pm!

But before I get into that I need to tell you some more about this picture. It was taken during the flight to New York. The flight attendant had written every  business class guest a note on the napkin she served our drinks on! It is so thoughtful. Even though it was only a one hour flight she really went out of her way to make our day! And she certainly made mine!

Today is the second day that I’ll go to bed without having diner.  Just two hotdogs. Yesterday it was cup a soup bouillon. But since today I’m definitely having the time of my life. Scored some great bargains and I only visited 7 stores! All day.
20140809_144522In my defense I had a great lunch at liberty plaza outside. I had pita gyros. You can see it on the picture.  It tasted completely different from the gyros we eat in Greece and in the Netherlands for that matter. But it was good.

Well need to go to sleep so I ll be well rested for round 2!


  1. terri schwartz says

    Your post/photo about the personalized napkin really inspired me! I’m busy with an online course in Creativity, Innovation and Change (Coursera) and here’s an excerpt from my post there:
    “…a sort of ‘awakening’ that occurred today. When i entered the public toilet at a coffee shop, i was immediately struck by how clean and pleasant-smelling it was (which doesn’t happen often). As i was washing my hands, i suddenly remembered a recent post + photo on a blog which had impressed me…
    Inspired by this idea and emboldened by the CIC exercises, i decided to make a little drawing on a paper towel and write a short thank-you and hang it on the mirror.
    …i have begun to feel that it’s not enough to just be aware of my creativity, i have a responsibility to use it and share it with others. Not only did this small act make me feel more alive, but hopefully it helped others to feel more appreciated.”

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