Day 6

Me and my friend

With my friend

Round 2 at Jersey Gardens outlet mall. I was there when the shops opened! Of course! Had a great day shopping.  Looking for bargains. Mainly for my son!

Had a great time! Best part of the day was to meet my friend Nicole. She’s a Zumba instructor and we met at the 2010 convention for the first time. We connected and stayed in touch.

It was already great to have someone to talk to face to face! And she took me to Carrabbas. My favorite place to eat! As you can see I had pasta with scallops and shrimps! Awesome!

I had no idea she had planned to spend the whole day with me. Thought she maybe just wanted to go to diner or lunch together.  But she wanted to know where I wanted to go next! There was only one suitable answer! Woodbury common one of the biggest if not the biggest outletmall!

We did some serious shopping. Trying to buy only items I had planned previously. But it was so nice to have company and such great company. We laughed and talked all day. Had to make up for not talking for 5 days other than on the phone with Burt, Brandon, Anzy and Jacquie!

I’m writing this blog while sitting at the Secaucus train station. It’s 11.30 pm.  I have wifi here. So I let the first train pass so I could write and send the blog. That’s how much I love my readers, you! Talk to you tomorrow.


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    I had a great time with you as well. You taught me so many things about shopping, euros, real estate, and merchandising. You encouraged me to stay on the path of positive motivation for others. You gave me confirmation that I am on the right journey! I love you lady and I look forward to us coming together again sooner than later!! I pray for much success for your book, current and future endeavors!! Ciao!!

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