Day 9

Last day in New York
My last full day in New York and i was going to spend the whole day in Manhattan. Walking around.
I definitely did quite some walking. I do on most days. I have been walking so much that my muscles are aching every day when I go to bed.  Just like they do after a day of Zumba convention. And I have been working out regularly on the cross trainer at home.  So my muscles have been toned up. But still. Just goes to show how good it is to walk for your body.  It’s a real exercise and especially if you walk 8 hours a day carrying quite some weight. I bought quite a lot of books!

This trip is the opposite of going to Surinam. When I go there I always put on a lot of weight. On my body! Here I just add a lot of weight to my suitcase and lose weight on my body! But can’t help it. The food in Surinam is that good.

I had actually thought that Strand, the bookstore, had stopped existing. I know I went looking for the store another time and couldn’t find it anymore.  But I did find it because I was looking for something else online and their site came up. Consequence: even more weight!

Today’s theme was books! Not only did I buy quite some, but I also photographed myself in front of Barnes&Noble. I visualized that the window would be filled with my book.  I also visited the New York library. The one on 5th avenue that is featured in the Spider-Man movies and a whole bunch of other movies. It’s a beautiful building.  Just like grand central station.  I took pictures of both as you can see. That building too has been featured in movies.

I also visited another New York public library. The one whether the Job Search Central is located. The manager of that department is on leave but they did provide me with her contact information. Saw a lot of books on how to apply for a job, but just a few 2-3 on how to process being fired. They organize a lot of events. So I have great hopes.

Times Square
My last outdoor picture stop was on Times Square. It reminded me of the time I was here with Shannon, my daughter. 10 years ago! How time flies if you’re having so much fun!
I even went to the same Deli as I did when I was with her!

Okay departing for Orlando tomorrow to let the Zumba Craziness begin! Yeah!

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