20150422_200937We arrived in Kuala Lumpur after a very nice flight. I slept almost the complete flight. So I was well rested when we arrived at our apartment. I booked an apartment in the heart of the centre. We set out to go walking, shopping and having fun immediately. Shopping was a bit disappointing though. Prices in Malaysia have risen. We used to but a Starbucks cappuccino for about 1€. Now it’s about 4€. And apart from that we have been spoiled by the prices in China. Most items that are also sold in China are about 4 times as expensive here. So Burt already decided we’re going to China before the end of the year.

But it’s still a lot of fun to be hear. People are very friendly. And I love to pick up on my very small vocabulary. As usual I enjoy people smiling when I thank them in Bahasa.

This country reminds me of Surinam so much. Malaysia also has people and cuisine from India China and Indonesia. The food is very familiar to us. And since this is my 4th time in Malaysia I know how to find my way around.
The first time we were here we were so impressed by the state of public transport, infrastructure and buildings. Now 9 years later there is still progress but also decline.

Luckily for us Jalan Alor is in the same state as it was in 2006. It’s a streetmarket with only food and drinks. It’s a street in the middle of the center with restaurants on both sides. The guests don’t sit inside though. You sit outside on the street the way you’d sit outside in europe having a drink. Big terraces. Some of the food is also prepared outside like satay! The food was just as good as we remembered.

There was even live music. Ergo the picture of the man with the mic. I was so fascinated by his singing. I don’t think I have ever heard someone sing so out of tune with a mic. I’ve noticed this as well in China.people don’t seem to be embarrassed at all by their lack of singing skills. It always amazes me that in a culture where shame plays such an important role it’s okay to sing for 100s of people while clearly lacking the skills according to western standards. Simon Cowell would have a field day here!
But still it’s heartwarming to see someone sing from the bottom of his heart being completely convinced that he’s doing a great job. And if he thinks so who am I to say that he doesn’t.

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