Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!!

This is the best Christmas ever. We got up a little bit late…9 am and after showering we went for traditional Chinese breakfast: dim sum!

They always offer all you can eat dim sum at the Shangri la hotel. And I love having dim sum there. They clearly make everything fresh every day.

You can order as many dishes as you want and you can order 3 times. The first round I ordered for all of us. My family loved 4 dishes in particular and wanted to reorder them. Now that they got the hang of it they all wanted to order the dishes they wanted. I had ordered first and we passed on the order form. And when we were finished we turned it in. I didn’t think of checking the order form. While we were waiting to be served for the second time, I mentioned that I would not be eating that much anymore.

We were having a great time. Laughing having fun…..and then we were served……the waiters kept coming and coming and there wasn’t enough space on the table to put all the dishes. My husband got upset, stressed out, wanting me to stop them from bringing anymore food. Which of course was impossible because once they put the order in you can’t cancel it anymore. He was so uncomfortable about all of the food. I thought of it as funny. Don’t get me wrong I hate wasting food. But to me it wasn’t wasted. We still had hours to finish everything. And I just cracked up from Burt’s face every time a waiter came and brought us even more food. Every time we finished a dish and create some space a waiter seemed to pop up  to bring us even more food! And Burt’s face was screaming please make them stop! At some point he reached the tipping point and even he realized how funny the whole situation was. And he started laughing and we all did and it was really hilarious. I just couldn’t stop laughing, every time I pictured Burt’s desperate face in my mind I cracked up. It was so much fun! eventually we nearly cleared the table! We ended up ordering 25 dishes and some of them multiple times!!!!

We left feeling overweight but having had the best Christmas breakfast ever, the best laugh of the holiday and a great time together as a family.

We went our separate ways to go shopping. The boys went to IT Mecca and we, the girls, went to shopping heaven. It’s amazing to see how the city has changed in6 months. Shops have been closed, new chainstores have opened. I don’t know whether this is good thing. But the new stores are a very welcome improvement, they sell mainly Japanese products. Nice designs and everything from cosmetics, to power packs, glasses, and other nice stuff for your home! 80% of the products are priced at 10 RMB, 1 Euro and 15 cents! Shannon and I had the tine of our lives at these chains especially since they don’t sell exactly the same products at every store. We kept on finding good steals at new stores!

At the end of the day we met the boys at KFC for a drink. The children had both decided that they wanted to get their hair done. I have never seen a shop that busy. It was like a factory. But they were both nicely cut and styled, after a horizontal shampoo and conditioning! Each of them for only 30 Yuan!

This was really the best Christmas ever, good food, good company, a lot of laughs and even more quality time!

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