Day 4 I need my winter coat!

Carmen send me a text message to enjoy the sun. When I woke up this morning the sky was bright and blue.  And there was sun! So that put me in a good mood. Until I went outside.  It was Freaking COLD! Probably even colder than back home. You know when it’s wintertime and the […]

Day 3 another awesome day

4 We went to an Afro Latin Mashup Zumbclass. It was almost a two hour class and it was great. It was so good to dance….hadn’t danced ever since Wednesday. Great atmosphere. Loved it. Today I can see the sun! It was raining all day yesterday. But today there’s a blue sky, sunshine……and a lot […]

Hi my name is Sheila Cruise

The flight was great in retrospect. Despite a baby crying or screaming the entire flight from Amsterdam to JFK and the fact that I got sandwiched on the next flight.   As always I requested a windowseat but was given an aisle seat. The filght was completely full and there was a very big family […]

Zumba Cruise Day 1

In the spring when the program for the 2015 Zumba convention arrived I showed an enormous amount of self restraint. That is an enormous amount for me. I had intended for 3 years not to go to the convention but every time when I saw the program, I was seduced and lured into going to […]

KL Shenzhen and Macau

We departed malakka the next day and returned to Kuala Lumpur. We did some last minute shopping. I had my nails done. We returned the rental car. And Burt discovered a great place to eat. They had the best fried rice I possibly ever ate. You couldn’t see any ginger but the fragrance and taste […]


The next morning after another great buffet breakfast we drove to Malakka. Burt wanted to go there to do some cultural heritage sightseeing. So as soon as we arrived at our hotel we took a walk into town. We walked all the way down to Jonker Street to some shopping malls and back to the […]


We did spent too much time making arrangements for hotels. Burt didn’t mind spending time on this every night. Since we rented a car we could go anywhere we wanted. I had set my heart on going to a resort even if it was just for one day to relax and be pampered. So we […]