Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is cooler since it’s the mountain side in the middle of the country. It’s quite high. So a long ride up the mountain with a lot of hair pin bends in the road Luckily it was a two way road. At every scenic point there were gift shops and restaurants! We only stopped […]

Another great day in Kuala Lumpur

The second day I started off with breakfast at my favorite store in the world. Hui Lau Shan. They have the greatest fruit juice and jelly combinations. I prefer the one with mango, coconut and here they serve it with pandas jelly. In hongkong they serve it with aloe Vera jelly and in China they […]


We arrived in Kuala Lumpur after a very nice flight. I slept almost the complete flight. So I was well rested when we arrived at our apartment. I booked an apartment in the heart of the centre. We set out to go walking, shopping and having fun immediately. Shopping was a bit disappointing though. Prices […]

day 4

Our last full day in Shenzhen! I LOVE Shenzhen. Its my favorite city….in the world!!! Shopping is really great and food is even better!!! All prices are great! The hotel, transport. So we did some more shopping. Not too much because I spent some time shopping for other people and posting their stuff. It was […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!! This is the best Christmas ever. We got up a little bit late…9 am and after showering we went for traditional Chinese breakfast: dim sum! They always offer all you can eat dim sum at the Shangri la hotel. And I love having dim sum there. They clearly make everything fresh every day. […]

Day 1 & 2

Day 1 consisted mostly out of traveling. We left from schiphol amsterdam airport at 6 pm Monday December 22nd and arrived on December 23rd at 6 pm in hongkong. We took the bus right away going to shenzhen. By the time we got to shenzhen with all our luggage etc it was 9 pm. But […]

3rd day of convention

Today I had an instructor training. I got licensed to teach Zumba kids.  This was a full day training from 9-5. When I signed up for the class it said that it was thought by Lindsey Taylor.  Luckily for me it was also thought by Herman Melo.  He is a beautiful dancer. That’s why I […]

2nd day of convention

One word! Today was the second day of the convention.  I can describe it in one word: exhaustion! I’m soooo tired. Walking 12 hours a day in New York and sleeping for less than 6 hours a night will cause a human being to feel tired. Dancehall! The best class up till now was my […]