Day 11

China in da USA The biggest noticeable difference to me in the USA is the number of Chinese people. They’re all over the place! I even hear people speaking Chinese. Sounds very familiar. And if I feel like shocking them I butt in their conversation and shock them.  Or speak to them in Chinese when […]

Day 10

Suitcases and weight I really struggled with all the weight. My suitcase was over 50 pounds so I decided it was time to start using the second suitcase I brought. This was in the other suitcase all the time. So I had three pieces, a trolley carry on, a medium suitcase and a large suitcase. […]

Day 9

Last day in New York My last full day in New York and i was going to spend the whole day in Manhattan. Walking around. I definitely did quite some walking. I do on most days. I have been walking so much that my muscles are aching every day when I go to bed.  Just […]

Day 7 part 2

It really was a last minute, fast acting decision to get on the bus.  There was no way of telling when the next bus would be departing to where Kim and I had agreed to meet. Actually there was no tell if there would be a next bus. So I hopped on a bus going […]

Day 7

Today will be similar to yesterday.  Starting off with shopping by myself and meeting a friend later on.  Today I will be meeting Kim.  We stayed in touch ever since the wedding in Jamaica.  So looking forward to seeing her! And having diner face to face with someone.  A you van tell from the pictures […]

Day 6

Round 2 at Jersey Gardens outlet mall. I was there when the shops opened! Of course! Had a great day shopping.  Looking for bargains. Mainly for my son! Had a great time! Best part of the day was to meet my friend Nicole. She’s a Zumba instructor and we met at the 2010 convention for […]

Day 5

Today was the first day that I wasn’t jet lagged… So a great day. Weather was great and I spend the whole day shopping and walking from 7 am on till 9 pm! But before I get into that I need to tell you some more about this picture. It was taken during the flight […]

Day 4

This husband comes with perks! He’s a keeper. And not just for the perks.  Not only do I get to cut lines because he flies that often with klm but he also scores a lot of points with the hilton hotel where he stays frequently in London! So while in New York I’ll be staying […]

Day 2 and 3

Jet lag Unfortunately my body hasn’t adjusted to the different timezone. It’s 4 am now and I can’t sleep. An opportunity to write about a few topics that I forgot to write about earlier since I write the blog in the evening when I get back to the hotel. Which means that I write it […]